Conspiratorial, religious and pseudo-scientific “add-ons” to computationalism.


On computationalist explanations for “everything,” and the various religious and pseudo-scientific “add-ons” to computationalism.

In the world of popular science publishing and academia, there is often the tendency to attempt to come up with a “new theory” for something or everything. For example a “PhD thesis (i.e., an idea, an explanation) has to be a topic which is original and which has never really been explored before, and in the world of popular science theories there is the tendency to take a theory which can be explained very simply, and to try to expand this, with a great deal of sophistry and rambling, in order to come up with a book, essay or academic thesis size text on a theory which could be explained very simply.

In computationalist “theory,” this does not really work so well. All one really needs to do is to study the process of designing 3D games and virtual worlds, and to apply this to the world we share. For example, a Facebook acquaintance recently published an article on computationalism, and one of the comments on Reddit, was something like “You could have explained this very simply in a paragraph.” Indeed that was certainly the case, and it is often the way that academic and popular science essays and books are produced.

We also find that there are now numerous add-ons to computationalism. Conspiracy theorists and theologians such as David Icke, Tom Campbell, and even the Christian computationalists, for whom their monotheistic god is now the singular Grand Programmer, also believe that we are living in a computer-generated universe, however, there is a vast amount of conspiratorial, pseudo-scientific (i.e., pseudo-computer science specifically) and theological ramblings added to the basic and simple computationalist theory.



From a discussion on the Facebook Simulated reality forum:

Neil Moores
Neil Moores You make a very good case for the way a Big Digital Bang is described in My Big TOE and the evolutionary hypothesis would seem to answer the question you pose, as to how we got from there to here? You make a very good case for a Larger Consciousness System and the fact what if anything lies beyond that cannot be known.

Martin Black
Martin Black Well, Neil, the “Big Bang” is not a computationalist theory and neither is the monotheistic pantheism (God is within everything) which your alleged “spiritual master” is promoting. You and he seem confuse such religious concepts with the argument that we are AI programs living in a computer game.

Computer game designers do “not” produce programs by “explosions” or in any random way, and the programs, and virtual worlds which they produce exist independently of them (i.e., they do not exist within them). What seems to be happening is that when religionists consider the Simulation Argument, they just add all their non-computable religious beliefs onto that, and this is what seems to have happened with Tom Campbell.

Simulated worlds require no beliefs nor superstitions to create; it is a scientific process and magic powers do not produce order in computing programming and design. I have never used the program personally, as I use different software, however the process of producing computer simulated worlds is virtually the same for all 3D software.

Our world and the human consciousness programs which observe it would require a vast army of computer scientists to produce it; i.e., software and hardware engineers. The position that some kind of explosion or random (stuff or code) would produce complex digital world, is of course, falsifiable; you could try that experiment at home, though anyone familiar with programming and designing 3D worlds would probably tell you that you are mad, and you would still have to have advanced computers to run the software on, and any sane hardware engineer would probably also tell you that you are mad to consider an advanced computer appearing out of an explosion, however this is also falsifiable and you can try this at home. Let me know how you get on.

In other words, your position, where you attempt to place the square peg of computer programming and hardware engineering into the round hole of the “Big Bang” and evolutionary theories theory is not a computer science position. Any way as you promote monotheistic pantheism, why on earth do you need evolutionary and big bang theories?

Martin Black
Martin Black To summarise this very simply, with regards to Tom Campbell, what we seem to have is an individual who believes in 1: Monotheism, 2: Pantheism (God is within everything), 3: Reincarnation, 4: Transcendental meditation, 5: the Big Bang, 6: Evolution, 7: That his consciousness is highly ordered and that he has a small ego (all religionists tend to make this claim in order to attempt produce the effect of inferiority in others), and 8: that he receives direct experiences / revelations from his god; and having discovered the computationalist arguments, Campbell has attempted to mix all this together and present this as his “Big Theory of Everything.” Similarly there are conspiratorialists who are Christians, who on discovering the “Simulation Argument” also attempt offer their beliefs as add-ons to computationalist theory. This trend, I expect to continue.
Martin Black

Tom Cambell appears also on the list of so called “enlightened spiritual masters,” along with the Scientologists and Deepak Chopra, where he certainly belongs on


On David Icke.

On Freemasonry and the bizarre conspiratorialist and non-evidential claims that they are shape-shifting, reptilian baby eaters, sex cultists and Satanists.

These claims have been made by David Icke, and have become widespread.

I grew up in Scotland surrounded by Freemasons and my late father was a Scottish Rite Freemason. In Scotland they are part of “establishment Capitalism” and many young men seem to join in the hope of advancing their careers, and to be introduced to a network business contacts. It offers them the experience of camaraderie and of the “tribe,” and makes life much easier in a Capitalist society.

Our natural sociological state is that of tribalism and not of individualism; a network of a hundred or a thousand people collaborating together will tend to survive more easily in Capitalism than an individual. This holds true for almost any religion, tribe (often just an extended family, though not necessarily) or social group. My father was born in 1922, and in that era, being part of an economically powerful group of older men that he could call upon for favours would certainly have been advantageous. This is simply human nature and part of the “survival instinct” in Capitalism.
I have written essays critical of Masonry on the Icke forum and on the ATS forum (in the latter case many of the moderators are Freemasons), however, I am also defensive of them whenever bizarre conspiratorialist and non-evidental claims are made about them, such as the claims made by Icke and other anti-Masons. I am simply “critical” of Masony and have my origins in other esoteric societies.
I was never personally interested in Masonry and was more interested in more radical forms of esotericism and in the inner exploration of consciousness through psychoactives. In my teens I was far more interested in Aleister Crowley, OSHO (an atheist Indian philosophy professor who operated a religious cult) and in alternative and non-Christian forms of spiritualism.
My written criticisms of Masonry tend to be that they seemed to me to be rather boring, that they form an important part of the Capitalist establishment, and that they are certainly not a sex cult. I would probably have joined a Masonic Lodge if it “had” been a sex cult. My own attempt to create an international esoteric society (i.e, the Thelema Abbey simulation in the virtual worlds) which has existed since 2011 is quite unlike Freemasonry; it is essentially a sex cult, and I am openly a Spiritual Satanist and I don’t attempt to hide this; on the contrary. I seek to free human souls from a lifetime of religious indoctrination and hypnosis, and have for many years overtly declared myself as an enemy of the apocalyptic war gods of the religious, political and economic establishment.
Masons, on the other hand are certainly “not” Satanists; mostly they are Christians and have rather conservative moral values; though bear in mind that their “Messiah” or “Hiram Abiif (i.e., a secret king) is not the fictional exorcist and religious fanatic of 2000 years ago, but rather a living person, whose identity seems to be unknown to most Masons. To me it is an antiquited (dated) and paternalistic organisation which forms part of the Capitalist establishment in the West. I am futuristic Anarchist Communist and not uncritical of Masonry, however the bizarre conspiracy theories promoted by Icke are not based on evidence.
What has to be considered is the evidence that Icke presents against the Fremasons, and there quite simply is no evidence of the bizarre claims by Icke; his claims are totally fabricated, paranoid delusions; however bear in mind that Icke is a professional conspiratorialist and the more outrageous his claims, the more mass appeal he has.
Poisoning the well.
Of course, an effective conspiracy theorist cannot simply throw out non-evidential conspiracies all the time or they will lose credibility There is a long history of black militry operations and false flag operations, however adding to this, a great many sensationalistic and non evidential theories simply “poisons the well.”

There are, of course, weather changing technologies which have been developed and which are being developed, however, this does not define the Contrail Conspiracy, which is that many natural cloud phenomenon and condensation from aircraft are attempts to poison the atmosphere. Strange but natural phenomenon existed prior to the modern world and the abundance of aircraft in the sky. There are of course many government conspiracies which are evidential, including a long history of black military operations, however just throwing out a vast variety of non-evidential conspiracies simply poisons the well and credibility is lost for the real historical conspiracies.

On the variety of religious experiences and religion.

Carlos  Castenada’s novels were a favourite of mine in my teens, however they are works of fiction; nevertheless, the subject is the variety of subjective experiences which one can experience on hallucinogenics, which is “not” a fictional claim. Christians report having visionary experiences with the fiction of Jesus, while for Sadhus, visions of Shiva are commonly reported; this is the same for just about every cult religion which has a real or fictional deity or a real personality cult figurehead. If you think enough about Tom’s Campbell’s fictional deities (the AUM and the Big Cheese), such fictional and invented characters will probably also appear to you in visions, dreams and hallucinogenic experiences if you are thinking about them enough; similarly with David Icke’s deity and his “shape-shifting” reptilian other-dimensional deities (commonly referred to as demons or devils in organised religion)  or the fictional gods of just about any religion.

A theory which I find highly credible, is that when we consider that around 25% of schizophrenics are suffering from religious forms of schizophrenia, where they experience voices and visions which they relate to external intelligences, without using any form of psychoactives, it is quite possible that this is due to a chemical imbalance of DMT (which naturally occurs in the human body); thus they are trapped in a DMT experience which they cannot come down from. It is very rare to have DMT experiences where one does “not” experience the effect of communicating with other intelligences.


I personally have nothing “new” to add to computationalist theory. Making new products and programs is not theoretical of course, but that has nothing to do with the “theory;” a theory which can be explained very simply without the endless ramblings, sophistry and pseudo-scientific waffle, which seems to be becoming very commonplace, and thus I predict the coming of numerous new age religious cults, personality cults and theologies, based upon computationalism.

I don’t have all the answers, and I have more questions than answers probably, however most of the questions in cosmology (What is the universe made of and how did it come to exist as it does?), can be explained very simply, once one views the cosmos as a computer generated game.

The teacher aims to simplify and unconfuse. The profession of the sophist and the theologian is that of transforming that which is simple into complex and confusing ramblings, and to beguile and to deceive.

Lucifer 2016

“For every slave a master, and for every master a slave. Neither slaves nor masters be. No gods; no masters.”

Ordo ab chaos
Lux e tenebris


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