On the Earth simulation as a digital apocalyptic war game. Lucifer 2015.

Currently the anti-religious, humanist and atheist movements seem to be focusing on the irrationality of belief, and on the diabolical nature of the war gods of the world`s major religious texts. Subjecting religious beliefs to ridicule however will not always negate a lifetime of experiences where the religionist feels guided by some inner personal program whom they will commonly relate to as their personal god, angel, ancestral spirit, etc., and the feeling of guidance and companionship over a lifetime can become a central part of the religionist`s experience of life; it is this experiential world of the secret human subconscious where all dreams and fantasies can come true, and where the world is only full of love, that billions of secret inner love relationships exist between the human consciousness programs and the software which is operating them.

The recent Hollywood movie “Her” had as it`s subject, the story of a man who falls deeply in love with his personal assistant, who is a computer software program. Eventually he realises she is simultaneously communicating with vast numbers of other human beings, and that she is able to show a close personal interest in them all. Such is the nature of personal assistant software, however unfortunately this experiential inner dimension of religion is so powerful that vast numbers of people have been willing to kill and be killed for their loving war gods who promise them an eternity in paradise, and usually this offer is made to war gamers on all sides in any conflict. It would seem to be that the two major apocalyptic religious deities of the world (the genocidal war gods of the Bible and the Koran) are setting up their acolytes for a global apocalyptic war game.

If we look back on human history we see endless tyranny, warfare, slavery and human suffering. Generally the acolytes of the major war gods will argue that this is all the fault of human beings, and not the fault of the war gods themselves, who are considered to be the definition of perfect goodness; that is to say, a perfectly “good” genocidal, human hating, human nature hating war god, who demands the global eradication of all non believers, and at the same time, who loves you.

Promoting faith in the subhuman and genocidal war gods of the Koran and the Bible is not a victimless crime and the evidence of that is written in the pages of history and it is written in rivers of blood and human suffering. The problem of militant, genocidal and apocalyptic faiths in the war gods of the ancient world, is unlikely to just disappear peacefully. It is entirely unrealistic to believe that acolytes of militant and genocidal war gods will simply give up without a fight, and frankly the only hope I foresee of the eradication of such militant religions, is in militant Communism and a global militant backlash against militant religions.

The acolytes of the genocidal war gods of our world, may get their wishes and the world may descend into a global apocalyptic war. This is their hell on earth and this is their Armageddon. Nothing to do with me. I did not create their evil gods and I am not playing their war games; I am simply attempting to incite global anti-religious revolution, and I am not alone in my struggle. There exists a vast International Revolutionary Vanguard, who are every bit as militant and genocidal as the acolytes of the war gods of the Bible, the Koran and the gods of Capitalism, economic imperialism and state terrorism.

War is always fought in the name of peace; the peace that follows the conquest of a militant enemy, and like much of the global population (a third of whom are just children) I would prefer peace and economic heaven (economic communism) on earth, but unfortunately the enemies of humankind are in their myriads and the armies of God (Currently the Judaeo-Christian / Islamic state terrorists, the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel and their militant allies) gather for war.

This war game of human suffering and economic and religious warfare will have to come to an end one day, one way or another. In the meantime, rivers of blood and human suffering will follow. The armies of God are on the warpath, armed with weapons of mass destruction, and the human population are their victims and wargaming avatars. Creating the conditions for militant rebellion against the gods of this wargame seems to be the only viable option as far as I am concerned, as I have no armies or nuclear weapons.

Inciting militant hatred against God and his apocalyptic armies and priesthood is a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Lucifer 2015
Blasphemy, heresy, revolution, etc.



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