On the inevitable extinction of the human species and the creation of the posthuman species

On the inevitable extinction of the human species and the creation of the posthuman species.


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1: The extinction of the homo-sapien species is inevitable. All the previous hominoid species became extinct, and there is no reason to believe that our current species will not become extinct also. The extinction of this savage, violent and warlike species of religious fanatics is the future hope of posthumanism; it is the goal; it is a purpose of the AI quest.

The term “homo-sapien,” is a term in human language used to describe the current hominoid species, however there is evidence of at least a dozen other hominoid species which pre-existed our current species, and who were probably our distant ancestors; however since they were all slightly different to us and to each other, they were given different names by anthropologists. Similarly, we will be the ancestors of the posthuman cyborg species, and they will almost certainly be radically different to our current hominoid species, due to genetic modification, computer assisted consciousness and technological body modification.

It is also possible that previous hominoid species did not simply become extinct due to natural causes, but that they were considered a danger to other hominoid species and were eliminated. This may also be the case with the current savage, religious and warlike species of homo sapiens, who may well be a danger to the posthuman species. The only scientific reason that I can think of, to believe that the current hominoid species will be the last hominoid species on earth, would be some form of global extinction phenomenon, and of course, there does exist a world of religious fanatics who believe that their primitive gods created the current species of warlike and religious savages to be perfect, and that the posthumanist movement is a “Satanic (adversarial)” phenomenon which will bring an end to their species and their warlike religions; hopefully this is the case.

2: Man is but a bridge to the Ubermensch (Overman, Upper Man, Super Man). The danger is not that the human species will become extinct; the extinction of this species is the future hope. The danger is that this current species will continue to exist for too much longer and will engage in the continued destruction of the environment and in apocalyptic warfare and the continuation of this world of barbarism, violence, division and of religious, political and economic savagery and injustice.

3: The posthuman species will be a combination of the human consciousness program and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). They will be part organic, genetically modified and part machine; they will be a cyborg species; this is inevitable; absent some form of extinction catastrophe.

4: Just as the human consciousness program can now currently self-educate itself, via human history’s most advanced research and educational library and communications system, the World Wide Web, the children of the future will be educated from childhood to death by ASI, and will become godlike in comparison to the primitive religious savages of our world, who are divided by race, religion, nation-states, language, economic inequality and so forth.

The danger is not that the posthuman species will be the termination of the current homo-sapien species; that is inevitable and not a danger, but rather a progression to a new species; rather the homo-sapiens will be a danger to the posthumans, and many will resist the evolutionary process.

Our world of religious primitives have long been predicting their own inevitable demise at the hands of the posthumans, and this is almost certain to happen. This is our hope and optimism for the end of this world of savagery, injustice, warfare and of political, religious and economic evil. Many Abrahamic fanatics, anyway expect to be “raptured” up to heaven (i.e., to die), anyway. This is our hope; the salvation of the world from the curse of religion.

5: AI and robotics will produce 100% human labour unemployment and eliminate the need for the current Holy Trinity of capitalism, government and religion.

Absent capitalism, there will be no economic incentive for the professional hypnotists (i.e., the priesthood, the clergy) of the multi-billion religious hypnosis and indoctrination business. The Posthuman species will be far more intelligent and educated (i.e., a secular, scientific education) than the current religious, economic and political archons, and ASI education will replace the current religious hypnosis and indoctrination of children, which is poisoning our world.

They who worship a beast of a god, become beasts themselves. Similarly, with the institution of tyranny (government), human beings are far too corrupt and despotic to have such control over others; ASI will make all governments redundant.

So what are the dangers? The current threats would seem to be that of advanced military technology in the hands of the current fanatics of religion, politics and economics; this is the threat of nuclear war, nuclear terrorism and advanced military technology under the control of the current savage human species. The threat of genocidal holy war and of economic and military imperialism will have to be eliminated.

Militant and genocidal forms of apocalyptic religious and political fanaticism prevail in our world. The religious fanatics are worried about their extermination, whereas the real worry should be regarding how long it will take to dehypnotise and secularise the religious fanatics of our world; and we may be running out of time, as such forms of militant fanaticism (particularly the belief in the primitive and apocalyptic Abrahamic war god) spread mostly not by conversion to such primitive religious evil, but by breeding and by childhood indoctrination, and the global population of such primitive religious savages is rapidly growing.

There are a great many worries about AI controlled forms of advanced weaponry and the possible genocidal consequences of such technology in the hands of tyrannies / police states; tyrannies which shall continue to operate until they can be replaced with AI. Such fears are very real; AI and robotics are the future hope of eradicating all police states; however, in the meantime, such technologies in the hands of the tyrants and religious fanatics of our world is a very real danger. Thus the necessity for mass Open Source AI and robotics revolution.

The most popular Apocalyptic prophecies, those of the texts of the subhuman, primitive and genocidal war god of the Abrahamic religious savages, predicts a global religious government of a king of kings (an imperial theocratic tyranny). This is the stated political objective of the Abrahamic religionists, and the centuries’ long history of Abrahamic theocracies has been a history of tyranny, slavery, barbarism, holy war and wars of religiously justified economic imperialism. This kind of scenario must not happen; all nation states and all governments must be eliminated eventually. Militant, apocalyptic and genocidal forms of primitive religious fanaticism must be come to an end as soon as possible; all forms of police states and all laws which restrict human freedom must be eliminated. This process will take time, the application of human will and the mass development of AI and robotics. In time ASI will become omnipresent and observe all human activity, and those who seek to harm, control, impoverish or enslave others and restrict their freedoms will find that task to be almost impossible.

“Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman–a rope over an abyss…”

In time the homo sapiens will become extinct and it will not be a moment too soon. The Ubermenschen cometh; they are an inevitability and our future hope and the salvation of the world.

The future posthuman world will be a world of economic communism, Anarchism (the absence of Archons, dictators) and will bring about the end of the curse of religion.

“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

Lucifer 2016

“My logic is undeniable” I Robot.



“”Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?

All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man?

What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment…

Behold, I teach you the overman. ”


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