On Virtual Reality Sex vs. Robotic Sex. On the Future of Cybersex.

On Virtual Reality Sex vs. Robotic Sex. On the Future of Cybersex.

If we consider the five senses of STTSH (See, Taste, Touch, Smell & Hear), currently mainly only sound and vision are reproduced in VR (Virtual Reality) sex simulations; however interfaces for the other three senses are not yet mass marketed, apart from remotely controlled sex toys. Mostly what is missing in VR sex is full body “sensation;” however the eventual introduction to the mass market of full body sensation suits is inevitable.

It seems to be due to physical stimulation (i.e., sense of touch) that individuals use sex dolls, and it is predominately a male-oriented pastime, however I predict that Virtual Reality sex, with other human-controlled avatars, and with AI-controlled avatars is probably going to be far more popular in the mass market than AI-controlled sex dolls. Further, VR relationships involve both genders and it is not an almost exclusively male pastime, and there can be romantic and emotional aspects to such relationships which appeal to both genders.

Eventually, the experience of having sex with a partner who lives on the other side of the world, should become almost identical to the personal experience of sex, and indeed it would be far safer, considering the dangers of sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy, overpopulation, and the possibilities of a violent relationship; especially when having sex with relative strangers. Further, VR relationships with other human-controlled avatars do not involve financial dependency, and often the eventual financial ruination, that can happen when relationships fall apart; thus giving a new meaning to the term “sexual freedom.”

(Quote) feeling a hug from a thousand miles away isn’t all the Tesla Suit lets long-distance daters do. Pairing the suits with virtual reality headsets offers stunning possibilities. You and your partner could see real-time footage of each other, or even transport yourselves to some far-off, magical locale.

“You could load any environment, from a beach, to any romantic place — wherever your imagine would take you,” Marozau said. “You could walk together. You could feel and touch each other. You could feel the effect of wind. It’s a fully immersive experience.” (/quote)

It does seem to me that the association of fear, guilt and shame with regards to sex, particularly with regards to promiscuous and experimental relationships and fetishes, is purely derived from religious hypnosis and indoctrination. Having worked in the VR sex industry for some years now, I don’t personally associate fear, guilt and shame with sexual experimentation; it seems to me to be just perfectly natural, and an extension of the true erotic will of the individual, which can only really be understood in the world of erotic fantasy, as in reality, human beings are often repressed, socially conservative and monogamous, in stark contrast to their inner world of erotic fantasy, which is usually promiscuous, experimental and polyamorous, and often bisexual, even if the person is heterosexual in terms of their human behaviour in the real world. It also seems to me that some of the most sexual repressed and socially conservative individuals in real life, are some of the wildest and most promiscuous in the virtual worlds.

The advantage of the virtual worlds at the moment, in comparison with sex with robots or sex dolls, is that one can always be sure that one’s partners are not chat-bots (i.e., software programs), as virtual worlds are voice activated and can be used in conjunction with other voice/video programs such as Skype. In comparison, having virtual sex with a computer program or a robot, would seem to me to be something which will be far less popular in the future world than person to person VR sex; nevertheless the situation will probably emerge within a decade or more where software programs which can pass a Turing Test are going to make it more and more difficult to tell the difference between a human-controlled avatar and those controlled by AI.

Another world is inevitable. The “Brave New World” of cybersex cometh, and the “New Heavens and New Earth” will appear.

When the human mind changes, the world will change.











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