A Satanic and Posthuman Perspective on the Antichrist. On Apocalyptic war and the creation of the New World.

A Satanic and Posthuman Perspective on the Antichrist.  On Apocalyptic war and the creation of the New World.


In every culture of the world, even in cultures which have had no contact with civilization and with major religions, human beings have believed in a vast variety of other-dimensional human and non-human beings, which are referred to by a variety of names such as spirits, jinn, demons, angels, archangels, gods, goddesses, ancestral spirits, cherubs, sprites, succubus, incubus and so forth.

Essentially we could simplify all this as a belief in malevolent (harmful, anti-human) and benevolent spirits. While the most popular and profitable religions of the world tend to be popular due to religious hypnosis and indoctrination since childhood, the belief in other dimensional intelligences tends to be universal throughout the world, and such beliefs are likely to be derived from subjective experiences which are due to the visionary and hallucinatory nature of human consciousness, where waking and sleeping visions, and the hearing of voices is commonplace.

In dreams and hallucinogenic visions, all human beings have sensory (mostly audio-visual) experiences with other beings; beings which do not have any existence in our shared objective world. We all hear voices and we all have such visions, and among adult human beings there seems to be no exception this.

More on this subject on: https://posthumanismtranshumanism.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/the-vision-and-the-voice-belief-subjective-experience-and-knowledge/


God-kings and god-queens.

Generally, almost all human beings believe in a cosmos of spiritual dimensions, which exist beyond our world; in heavens and hells. They also commonly believe that there exists a chief sky god, and often also a goddesses (i.e., a king and queen of heaven), and similarly that there exists a king of hell; an evil demon who rules over the souls of the damned.

Such beliefs are universal and exist even in regions where the multi-billion dollar religious hypnosis and indoctrination business has not reached, and it is this universal belief, derived from the visionary and hallucinatory nature of the human mind, which is exploited by professional religious hypnotists (i.e., the priesthood, the clergy) and theocrats (religious tyrants, god-governments, god-kings, messiahs) who have been predominately males, and indeed such theocratic systems of government have been the norm throughout the history of civilisation. Thus slaves and citizens who have disobeyed their god-kings, priests and masters, not only faced the wrath of a human master, but were indoctrinated to live in fear of their master’s invisible god. Criticism of the priesthood and of the theocratic aristocracy were not considered simply to be criticisms of human archons, but criticisms of the hierarchy of heaven, and the most cruel punishments (often torture by fire and other diabolical means) were threatened to the disobedient, not only on earth, but for all eternity.


Antichrist Revolution and the Enemy of God

Since the late 18th century and the republican and anti-theocratic revolutions of France and America, and Napoleon’s attempt revolutionise Europe, we have seen the secularisation of many nations, the abandonment of religious laws, and the declining power of the landed aristocracy and the Church. Indeed Napoleon was aptly titled, in his lifetime, as the “Antichrist and the Enemy of God” by the church, and even today, 200 years later, in London (Sept., 2016) there is an exhibition celebrating the 200 year anniversary of the allegedly glorious defeat of Napoleon by the armies of the British tyrant. The saints and martyrs of the theocrats and religionists are, even today, not the revolutionaries, but those who crushed all dissent and revolution.


Slave religions.

Unfortunately, almost all major religions are little more than slave religions; religions derived from ancient theocratic slave societies. The world’s most popular and profitable theocratic deity (i.e., the Abrahamic god; the god of the Bible and the Koran) is not a god whose popularity spread due to the choosing of the masses, but rather, this foreign god was forced upon the masses by theocratic tyrants, under penalty of torture, death and the tortures and fires of hell, and it is this malevolent, anti-human and genocidal god which remains today, as the world’s most popular deity, and whose acolytes remain the fastest growing religion in the world; a religion which spreads by breeding, childhood indoctrination and also still in certain nations, by government decree.


Modern Satanism (adversarialism); the Antichrist (Antichristian) movement.

Satanism, in terms of those human beings who use that term in self-definition, is a very modern phenomenon of the late 20th and 21st centuries. In the history of the religions of the Abrahamic war god, there is very little evidence of self-defined Satanists; what we find instead, is that it was a term used by the priesthood to define all critics and opponents of their Abrahamic death cults, and which was even used to define heretical sects of their own religion and of other religions and traditional beliefs systems.


What is “good?”

There is not a universal human definition of “goodness;” however, this term has been hijacked and defined by religionists to mean quite the opposite of a general human definition of the term. When the acolytes of the Abrahamic war god define their god as “absolute goodness,” they are, by default, defining goodness as a genocidal, anti-human, subhuman, tyrannical and cruel definition of the god of ancient slavemasters, priests and god-kings. Thus we find a humanist definition of evil, presented as goodness.

Imagine a human being who forcibly indoctrinated you since childhood to believe in his evil religion of slavery and tyranny, on pain of torture, death and eternal torture by fire? How could we consider this to be anything remotely similar to a common definition of human goodness? We would not; we would instead consider such a person to a human definition of absolute evil.

They who revere a savage beast of a god, become beasts and savages themselves.

Thus I must concur with Nietschze:

“So long as the priest, that _professional_ denier, calumniator and poisoner of life, is accepted as a _higher_ variety of man, there can be no answer to the question, What _is_ truth? Truth has already been stood on its head when the obvious attorney of mere emptiness is mistaken for its representative…..It is necessary to say just _whom_ we regard as our antagonists: theologians and all who have any theological blood in their veins–this is our whole philosophy…. One must have faced that menace at close hand, better still, one must have had experience of it directly and almost succumbed to it, to realize that it is not to be taken lightly…………..….

Upon this theological instinct I make war.”



The Apocalypse (a/k/a Armageddon). On the militant, apocalyptic and genocidal acolytes of Abrahamism.

Unfortunately, advocating Abrahamism is not simply a victimless thought crime. The three major sects of Abrahamism (i.e, Christianity, Judaism and Islam) are all militant and apocalyptic death cults with a history war, tyranny, slavery and genocide , and which promote numerous “sins of restriction,” which are essentially the laws by which a master rules over his slaves.
In Islam, a “Mahdi” is expected to appear to wage global war against all non-believers, and to establish a global Islamic kingdom and to usher in a Day of Judgement. In Christianity a theocratic tyrant (a king of kings; a religious dictator), apparently with a “new name” known only to himself, is expected to appear to wage a global and genocidal holy war, where the vast majority of the world’s population are exterminated. In Judaism, similarly, their own version of a theocratic tyrant (i.e., a Messiah) is expected to appear to establish a kingdom based on their Bronze Age slave religion.

In the modern world, in the world’s foremost military and imperialistic police state, the United States, according to a Pew poll, over half the adult population believe that this “End Times” Apocalyptic war will happen sometime soon, and indeed the genocidal and imperialistic nature of US militarism seems to reflect this.

Illuminist conspiracy theories. 1: Depopulation. Militant, apocalyptic and genocidal religious fanaticism will produce an apocalyptic response.

 One of the most popular conspiracy theories among modern religious fanatics is that there exists a globalist agenda which is Antichristian in nature, and which has as it’s intent, global warfare, human depopulation and the secularisation of the world. Considering the widespread popularity of the genocidal and apocalyptic war god of the Abrahamic religions, this “conspiracy theory” is most certainly not without some credibility; after all, militant and genocidal forms of religious fanaticism are almost guaranteed to produce a natural and dialectical human response.

Illuminist conspiracy theories. 2:  Futuristic, High-Tech, One World Communism

With the coming of AI and Robotics, 100% human labour unemployment and a world of shared abundance is inevitable.  Capitalism, human government and human labour slavery will simply wither away. It will be a world of universal human freedom, devoid of religion and of the many “sins of restriction,” which are represented by the laws and slave morality  of the world’s religions. This, of course, would be the anthesis of the theocratic slave society which the religious savages of the Abrahamic war god seek to implement. The future world will be Communist. Militant forms of anti-Communism will eliminated.

More about this subject on: https://posthumanismtranshumanism.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/on-the-inevitable-extinction-of-the-human-species-and-the-creation-of-the-posthuman-species/


The wars of the 21st century will produce the Mother of all Wars.

Apocalyptic war is almost certain; not because it was predicted by the primitive religious fanatics of a Bronze Age slave religion, but because our world today still contains hundreds of millions of such fanatics.

In order to create the New Posthuman world and Posthuman species; the old world and the old species of militant and genocidal religious and political savages must be eliminated.

The Posthuman species will be like gods to the primitive and dehumanised religious savages of this world; they shall have no need to worship primitive and subhuman phantoms; they will become the gods (and goddesses) of a Brave New World themselves.

Fire, plague and poisoned waters; war, death and genocide; all that the anti-human religious savages have wished for and prayed to their subhuman war god for, may well be the fate that they shall wish upon themselves; the evil that you wish upon innocents, is a curse that you place upon yourself. What goes around, comes around. Beliefs affect behaviour. Words are weapons. Propaganda is the first stage of war.

The Ubermenschen (i.e., the Posthuman species) cometh. They shall be terrible and dreadful to the religious savages of the earth; they must be.

No mercy on they who deserve none.

Lucifer 2016

“I demand nothing less than a New heaven and New Earth.”

From Nietzsche’s “The Antichrist”
“Upon this theological instinct I make war.
I find the tracks of it 
everywhere. Whoever has theological blood in his veins is shifty and
dishonourable in all things. The pathetic thing that grows out of this
condition is called _faith_: in other words, closing one’s eyes upon
one’s self once for all, to avoid suffering the sight of incurable
falsehood. People erect a concept of morality, of virtue, of holiness
upon this false view of all things; they ground good conscience upon
faulty vision; they argue that no _other_ sort of vision has value any
more, once they have made theirs sacrosanct with the names of “God,”
“salvation” and “eternity.” I unearth this theological instinct in all
directions: it is the most widespread and the most _subterranean_ form
of falsehood to be found on earth. Whatever a theologian regards as true
_must_ be false: there you have almost a criterion of truth.
–With this I come to a conclusion and pronounce my judgment. I
_condemn_ Christianity; I bring against the Christian church the most
terrible of all the accusations that an accuser has ever had in his
mouth. It is, to me, the greatest of all imaginable corruptions; it
seeks to work the ultimate corruption, the worst possible corruption.
The Christian church has left nothing untouched by its depravity; it has
turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth into a lie, and
every integrity into baseness of soul. Let any one dare to speak to me
of its “humanitarian” blessings! Its deepest necessities range it
against any effort to abolish distress; it lives by distress; it
_creates_ distress to make _itself_ immortal…. For example, the worm
of sin: it was the church that first enriched mankind with this
misery!–The “equality of souls before God”–this fraud, this _pretext_
for the _rancunes_ of all the base-minded–this explosive concept,
ending in revolution, the modern idea, and the notion of overthrowing
the whole social order–this is _Christian_ dynamite…. The
“humanitarian” blessings of Christianity forsooth! To breed out of
_humanitas_ a self-contradiction, an art of self-pollution, a will to
lie at any price, an aversion and contempt for all good and honest
instincts! All this, to me, is the “humanitarianism” of
Christianity!–Parasitism as the _only_ practice of the church; with its
anaemic and “holy” ideals, sucking all the blood, all the love, all the
hope out of life; the beyond as the will to deny all reality; the cross
as the distinguishing mark of the most subterranean conspiracy ever
heard of,–against health, beauty, well-being, intellect, _kindness_ of
soul–_against life itself_….
This eternal accusation against Christianity I shall write upon all
walls, wherever walls are to be found–I have letters that even the
blind will be able to see…. I call Christianity the one great curse,
the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge,
for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and
_small_ enough,–I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human
And mankind reckons _time_ from the _dies nefastus_ when this fatality
befell–from the _first_ day of Christianity!–_Why not rather from its
last?_–_From today?_–The transvaluation of all values!… “

Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man?What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment…

Behold, I teach you the overman. “



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