What is to be done? AI and Robotics in the hands of the military and economic imperialists of capitalism and government will produce genocide.

It is not necessary to speak of this only in the future tense, as in terms of the AI and robotics revolution. This is already happening

The US military already has forms of AI and robotics (such as drone aircraft, for example), and is continuing to develop this. Recently, for example, a software program using an advanced jet fighter established that it could outperform human pilots during complex ariel dogfights in a flight training simulator, and the US military and the corporate arm’s industry is already working on military robots which could replace soldiers. This is an inevitability and we are powerless to prevent this

Some popular conceptions on AI.

1: All forms of computer software are forms of Artificial Intelligence by default.

2: Just as there are many different types of programs already, there will be many different types of advanced AI programs in the future.

3: Just as MS Windows and other operating systems are not a singular program, but a multitude of different integrated programs, AI can be expected also to be a multitude of integrated programs.

4: AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) refers to AI which can pass a Turing Test. It should be able to convince a human being in communication with it, that it is a human being.

This is not really a “hard” problem. There are already programs which can search the Internet for the answers to questions, and choose the most common answer. Questions of advanced science can also be gleaned by restricting searches to academic and science discussions. AGI would not necessarily “understand” the answers. AGI of this type would not necessarily have an advanced military application.

5: Sentient AI: The hard problems in programming are 1: the programming of sentience (self awareness) and, 2: the programming of “qualia (love, hate, emotions, anger, compassion, happiness sadness, an appreciate of beauty, music, art). If human consciousness is a sentient, free-willed software program, then we are the evidence that this problem is solvable. However this would not necessarily have a military application; military slaves need to be programmed to obey.

6: ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence): This would be software that would be vastly more intelligent than human consciousness and is generally presented in science fiction as a singular program, however that it is highly improbable, and more likely to be a vast array of integrated programs. We already have numerous software programs which are vastly more intelligent than human consciousness in very specific ways; ASI would probably just be an integration of all such programs.

So back to the question: What is to be done?

In light of the current and ongoing development of AI and robotics which can be used for military purposes, by police states and by corporate Capitalism, thus there is the necessity for the development of open source AI and robotics.

We already have computer printers which can produce almost any kind of plastic parts for robots and there are existing open source robotics programs which use simple generic motors; this is no longer the domain of capitalist corporations and police states. We already have CNC lathes which can produce a multitude of metal parts. Most firearms and a vast amount of machinery can be produced in this way.

In a RBE (Resource Based Economy) raw materials would be mined by robots, and the distribution of resources would be controlled by Communist (i.e., programmed to share resources) AI. Capitalism produces a huge amount of wastage. I have an abundance of construction tools, for example, which I “need,” and yet some of them I use for an hour a month, or once a year or once every few years; some of them I have purchased to use once and only keep them on the off-chance I may need to use them again. For example, I have four vehicles (three are farm vehicles) which I need for necessity (not for luxury), but I cannot use them all at the same time and two of them I use very rarely. This would not happen in an economy where resources are distributed by AI. Only a tiny fraction of the products produced would be required if everything was shared. Similarly with all vehicles, machinery and technology.

Once Open Source AI, robotics, computer printing and CNC metal lathes become mass marketed and widely available, technology invented in one part of the world, will be easily produced in any part of the world, without relying on corporate capitalism. We are only really at the beginnings of this technological revolution. The AI and robotics revolutions are likely to produce a highly mechanised and armed proletariat, without reliance on governments and on corporate Capitalism. Police states and the International Economic Dictatorship of Capitalism are unlikely to simply “wither away,” however they should become eventually redundant.

The over-abundance of resources such as food, energy and accommodation could be very easily fixed with current technologies; however Capitalism thrives on scarcity; an abundance of such resources would make Capitalism impossible in those areas. With regards to resources which are not renewable such as metals, there are already technologies which could replace this, such as “(quote) Engineering thermoplastic polymers are lighter and stronger than aluminum, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and other metals, so they offer great potential to replace traditional metal parts.(/quote) Although plastics are produced from non-renewable oil deposits, there are renewable resources (such as hemp) which could be substituted. The conversion to renewables, is of course inevitable, and there are currently many new technologies being developed.

Open source AI (i.e,, computer software) and robots will eventually produce 100% human unemployment and the decline of corporate capitalism.

The acolytes of government and capitalism are however, unlikely however, to surrender without a fight.

The Revolution will be televised. The future world will be communist. Resistance is futile.

Lucifer 2016



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